Vape Wild 

Idag kom det en stor leverans med fyra olika ejuice från Vape Wild. (Plus tre 10ml testers)

  • Lemon Sansation – Citron paj. 
  • (S+C)2 – Standard jordgubb
  • Professor Snipe’s Slytherin Sauce – Kokos/päron
  • Peaché Guavara – Persika

Nu har jag enbart testat deras Lemon Sansation (GoT inspirerad som ni kan höra av namnet) och den smakar på pricken som en citron paj med en riktigt god crunchy pajskals smak på inhale och massa solmogna citroner på exhale. Ser fram emot att få testa på de andra nu snart också!

eVic-VTC Mini

Igår kom mitt nya batteri från FastTech och bilderna gör den inte rättvisa alls. Den gröna färgen är ännu starkare i verkligheten, och den är fin! Sedan att den är riktigt skön att hålla i gör det hela till en ännu bättre vape-upplevelse. Knappen sitter helt rätt på batteriet och den är inte det minsta trög. Tummen upp för min nya vaporizer! <3


Lemony zesty love!

Yesterday I got vapemail, oh how I love my vapemail. This time it was juices from I ordered three 30ml bottles of Lemon Cheesecake, Persephone’s chi and a bottle of custom made Blueberry Cheesecake. Only downside with this order was the fact that the blueberry was 0mg nic instead of 6mg that I ordered, BUT since it’s absolutely lovely to mix with the Lemon juice it all worked out alright in the end.

Lemon cheesecake is SOO good, but mixed with the blueberry it’s amaaazing! I can see myself vape this on a daily basis. :) And it does work great with my morning coffee too, which is very important. ;)

The persephone’s chi reminds me a lot of the lemon cheesecake, just maybe a hint of strawberry. But not at all a massive difference.

Grade on zenvr? Well if I would have gotten the 6mg nic in the blueberry that I ordered I would give them a 5 out of 5. But since I got 0mg and I do depend om my nic-juices now to stay of the analog ones I’ll give them a 4 out of 5.

Great customer service (Allan you are the best!) the quality on the juices are great, true to their names for sure. And the shipping was fast! (About 6 days from the US to Sweden) I can’t wait to shop with them again!



I have now had the chance to try the Mr good vape‘s juices for a few weeks, and what’s my verdict you may wonder? Well the Moon Sugar and Karma Cream is almost empty, they are absolutely delicious!! The Bahama mama is too banana-ish and pineapple-y for my taste and the Heavens Candy leaves my mouth with a taste of just having a big glas of funLight, you know, that coating you get in your mouth after eating/drinking something light? Nah, those are not my faves. But the Moon Sugar and Karma Cream makes up for it. Now I’m just hoping they will make an even bigger bottle of them two, 30 ml wont last as long as you might think. You really do wanna vape it all-the-frikkin-time!

Now, you go to Mr Good Vape and try them out for yourself. Absolutely YUM and no doubt about it being good quality, it’s the best!