Hege-Annie’s första Blog Candy

Nu har Hege-Annie sin första blog candy, och det är väääldigt mycket fint man kan vinna! Såklart att jag är med! :)

Allt detta kan du vinna:

* A package of paper with a pair of fine tip scissors with soft grip, a pair of zig-zag scissors and a papir of normal scissors.
* Broad felt with stars in a nature white colour. About 50 cm.
* 1 Distress Ink Pad, “Pine Needles” colour.
* 1 package of Sticky decor from Panduro, silver hearts.
* Angel wings made of feathers, 18 cm.
* 3 green and glittery Christmas tree brads and 3 pewter coloured snowflake brads.
* 1 snowflake Christmas decoration in a silver, glitter design. It sparkles and sparkles!!
* In addition: a little surprise.

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