The Lamy Nexx fountain pen

I have for a long time been a fountain pen lover, especially for the Lamy Safari ones since they come in so many different colours and shades, it never seem to end. Although that will never ever stop my addicted for their pens it wont stop me from trying other fountain pens and other Lamy ones either. Not too long ago I got a lovely Lamy Nexx fountain pen from BureauDirect and I was hooked. The feel of the pen is just amazing in my hand, so much smoother and it just kind of felt so much nicer in my hand with the weight it got. One thing I really like about it is the fact that it’s not completely plastic like the Safari’s either. Very very nice indeed. The biggest difference when it comes to the looks of them both is probably the way that the safari is flat whilst the Nexx has a round’ish more triangular shape to the barrel. Also, the Nexx ones only have a handfull of colours to pick between whilst the Safaris are endless, well, maybe not but they have A LOT more colour choices. One thing that both the Nexx and Safari have in common is that they can both use the same nibs (which makes sense since it’s the same brand) and they come in the nib sizes EF, (Extra fine) F, (Fine) M, (Medium) B (Broad) 1.1, 1.5, and 1.9. They also take the same converters and you can get the Z27 converter straight from BureauDirect here if you want/need it. When it comes to inks the world is your oyster. There is a bunch of nice cartridges you can get and insert right into your Lamy Safari and/or the Nexx. And of course all the worlds bottled inks too with the help of the converters.

I would recommend this Lamy Nexx fountain pen to anyone and everyone. It’s a very smart looking pen, comfy and it’s got a good weight to it that makes it rest extra nice in your hand. Whether you need a pen for school, in a office or just a pen to use in your calendar this pen is amazing and you would not regret buying it. It truly is one of my all time favorite pens and the one I use on a daily basis, and boy, isn’t it gorgeous too with it’s emerald colour!



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