Beverley Westwood bonfire

Yesterday evening around 5 pm we headed towards Beverley Westwood to go and have a look at the massive bonfire they have there each year for bonfire night. It was great, a bit windy and (freezing!)cold, but for sure a great experience. Thank god that we ran in to H&M here in Hull before getting on the train, we just had to buy some thicker socks, some gloves and hats when we realised it was a bit colder than we thought it was hehe. All warmer and nicer we sat down on the train for the short 15 mins ride and then started walking towards the westwood fields. The warmth of the fire was welcoming to say the least and the smell of chestnuts (yup, already) candyfloss and firewood was lovely. We bought some sweets for Oliver, let him play some games and then just stood infront of the fire to warm up before the fireworks started. Although I absolutely hate fireworks (all those poor animals and old people!), they were for sure gorgeous to look at at.  We were home again around 10 pm and boy were we tired out!

Today is a day of relaxation and we have nothing planed at all but to watch movies, cuddling in the sofa with hot chocolate and just enjoy each others company. Later I will make home made burgers for dinner, yum!


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