For fuck sakes! Crazy brittish guys!

I just watched episode 2 of season 2 on Prison Break and yeah…it was awsome! They all are. Omg, do i really have to wait 6more days to see episode 3? I hate all the waiting… So yeah, The reason for me writing in english is really simple, i have quite a bunch of english friends reading my blog.(well they couldent read it before but now they can) And since yesterday i think ive got even more of english guys in here. it all started with one guy (Eddie). He saw one of my videoclips on youtube when me and paulina were on our way to see a west ham game, and he probebly liked what he saw cuz he put out a question on the forum about who i am. And they all started to track me down(this sounds more serius than it really is). So, today i got a mail from one of the guys on the forum. (He wrote: Njela, You have gone down a storm on this westham fans forum. Why not give us a visit and say hi.) so, i went to the forum, and than i see that it’s 2 full pages about me “who is this girl???” haha crazy guys…But they did track me down. Jup.Well if you wanna take a look at “my thread” on the forum just klick this link. Just one more thing… im still writing some of my posts in swedish!

5 thoughts on “For fuck sakes! Crazy brittish guys!

  1. well that english is great daniela u should feel proud! i have to say though if those guys keep bothering you im going to have to BUST A CAP IN THEIR ASS….. english forever!

  2. Hahaha, satan vad kul!
    Inte illa att vara så eftertraktad… men nä, du kan ju inte vara svensk, eftersom du inte är blond :p // Cat

  3. Hihi, du e eftertraktad av alla engelsmän du! *ler*
    Kul att det skrivit ett helt inlägg om dig ;-)


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